Learning How To Walk

God has a plan for me (for all of us).

He may not tell me exactly what that plan is until I get there.
Or he may tell me a part of the plan but not every single detail.

If he told me all about the plan, I would know exactly what to expect, what battles I might face and what to do (perhaps how to avoid the battles). The only thing that is required is for me to know that God is faithful so what he says he will do, he will do.

However, me not knowing the full plan means I have to put my trust in him. I don’t know what to expect, but I trust God to lead me through it all. I might know the destination but I don’t know what and who I’ll meet on the way.

This also shows God that he can trust us. Trust us to carry out his plan even though we’re unsure, scared, because we trust him.

Imagine God told you all the trials and tribulations you would face, you’d probably miss the lessons that were meant to be learned during them.

Strength to endure follows a trial but if you already knew what was coming then it’s kinda like just going through the motions (kinda like cheating on a test; you’ve seen the questions, prepared the answers, but it doesn’t really show your actual/realistic ability).

I’m sure we all want to know what God has in store for us and yes, we can ask God for directions, but as we wait for the answer we can’t just stay doing nothing. Take some steps, if it’s the wrong one God will surely redirect you.

As a baby, when you were trying to walk, trying to take your first step, your parents would be there if you fell, pick you back up and set you on your feet again or encourage you to get up and try again.

Won’t our Heavenly Father do the same?

So put your two feet forward, God will lead you from there.


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