Not Good Enough

As exam season approaches in my neck of the woods, I personally find that if I don’t complete everything that needs to be done within 24 hours,I feel like I’ve failed, and my work is just not good enough. (*Do better Abigail* my inner Kermit says.)

But reality is, I haven’t run out of time, I just want to complete everything quickly to feel secure. (Admittedly, sometimes it really is a case of do better Abigail)


This doesn’t apply solely to exams and revision. In any area of your life that you’re working on and you’re feeling like your progress has not been good enough. This is a message for you.

Genesis 1

God did not create the universe in one day. It took a total of 6. However at the end of each and every day, despite things not being totally complete God was pleased. And at last, He rested.

Let everything fall into the place.

You don’t need to rush to complete things. As long as you’re pleasing God and yourself with the little progress you’re making each day/week/month etc. Your rest will come.

As they say: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

God was pleased with everything that He created. Therefore God is pleased with who we are.


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