Blinded By His Grace

I was always confused when I heard that we can never be righteous. That nobody is without sin (even after salvation). If we can never achieve righteousness then what are we doing this for? Making all this effort if we can never be without sin, if we will always call ourselves sinners.

Then it hit me.

This is why we NEED God!

We need him because we could never achieve righteousness on our own.

We need him because it is his grace that gives us hope, that saves us, that redeems us.

Okaaay so if I’m covered by grace why don’t I continue living reckless and let grace do the job.

Well because God knows our hearts and intentions.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak however with a mentality such as that above, are you even willing? Are you even trying to subdue the flesh?

Mark 14 38


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