No Apologies

We know that as Christians we are to forgive those who have offended us.  Luke 17:4 tells us that we should forgive seven times seven times a brother who sins and comes back to repent.

But what if they don’t come back to repent (apologise)?

We repent of our sins to be forgiven. God’s forgiveness is for everyone but if they don’t want or ask for it then they won’t receive it.

So should we forgive those who don’t want or ask for forgiveness?

Jesus died for us on the cross before any of us had the chance to repent. On the cross he asked God to forgive us for we know not what we do.

Let’s ask ourselves, does that person even know what they’ve done?

Let’s not forget that God forgave us for HIS sake! (Psalm 25:11)

Therefore we should forgive for our own sake. The by-product of unforgiveness can be hatred, bitterness and sadness none of these are favourable to us and can pull us away from God.

Is that person we’re unwilling to forgive worth separation from God? Doubt it.

“They don’t deserve forgiveness after what they did!”

Please, what did we do to deserve the forgiveness God gave us?

So should we forgive those who don’t ask for forgiveness? To put it simply, I say yes. I can’t answer for anyone else but I believe I should.

Now it doesn’t mean everything needs to go back to how it was with that person. It might be smarter to keep a distance but we shouldn’t harbour grudges and bitterness in our hearts.



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