My Father’s Joy

I’m starting a ‘series’ of some sort, studying the qualities of women in the Bible. Since it’s my birth month the first of many is *drum roll*…


Abigail, King David’s wife; my namesake. 

1 Samuel 25 -reference

Abigail is:

A voice of reason (a leader)

The servants went to Abigail to tell her what Nabal had done because they knew she would be able to help/ fix it and the servants were right, she knew what to do.

Abigail did not hesitate in collecting herself and some gifts to go and meet David. She made a quick and wise choice in doing this and in not telling her husband what was going on.


Abigail threw herself before David’s feet and begged for his forgiveness.

27 Please, sir, accept this present I have brought you, and give it to your men. 28 Please forgive me, sir, for any wrong I have done.

Now it was not necessarily her who was to blame, yet she humbled herself and accepted responsibility for her foolish husband’s wickedness. In doing this her life was preserved and she became a wife of a king still maintaining her humility.

41 Abigail bowed down to the ground and said, “I am his servant, ready to wash the feet of his servants.”


Abigail gave David somewhat of a prophecy.

28 The Lord will make you king, and your descendants also, because you are fighting his battles; and you will not do anything evil as long as you live.

You can tell the Spirit of the Lord was upon her as she knew things about David which wouldn’t have been known having just met him. God had led her there to say these things as well as keep him from taking his own revenge and she obeyed.


When Abigail returned home to see Nabal enjoying himself getting drunk and feasting she chose to keep what she had to say until later.

36 He was drunk and in a good mood, so she did not tell him anything until the next morning.

Some women would have flipped at this sight (“does this man even know he almost had us killed and now he’s out here enjoying himself like I didn’t just save his life? Huh?!”) probably would have told him about himself and caused a massive blowout since he was drunk. However, Abigail had self-control, she still showed him respect as her husband and waited for a better time to tell him, when he was sober.


These qualities are admirable and while I can’t say I completely possess all of them, I certainly am working towards (that’s a start right?)


Who should I study next? Let me know!


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