A Modern Day Exodus

(Hebrews 3)

The Israelites were set free from captivity in Egypt and began their journey into the land that God had given them, the land flowing with milk and honey, the land where God would give them rest.

However those Israelites did not receive the land of their rest. They missed out because they were disloyal, stubborn and rebelled against God.  They turned away from God and were deceived by sin.

They turned to other gods. They didn’t trust in the God that freed them. In fact they wanted to return to their captors in Egypt!

The journey of the Israelites was not supposed to take forty years but because of their disobedience they wandered the desert for what was a lifetime for some among them.

How does this relate to us today?

We ourselves were set free from captivity. That is the stronghold of death, sin and destruction. We were freed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Now we’re on our journey to that land where we can have our rest.

But some people want to return to the bondage of sin that we were freed from. Showing little faith, trust and honour for God who saved us simply because it seems easier. The best things in life are hard to come by.


Those who first heard the Good News did not receive the land of milk and honey because they did not believe.

Now then, we can receive it. Let us hold firmly until the end the confidence we had in the beginning.

(Side note: This highlights the fact that our disobedience can prolong the journey. The Israelites could have made the trip in no time but they were not faithful, They did not believe. Yes God has promised you this and that but there is ultimately a condition to it. We must remain faithful. If God has promised to bless you because of your obedience and then you become disobedient can you really expect to receive that blessing? No. A whole generation missed out due to disobedience. Don’t miss out!)


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