2016 In 6 Minutes Or Less

I’ve seen a lot of people brand 2016 as a horrid year; but the way I see it, I’ve made it through 366 days of the year and if you’re reading this, so did you! That’s already 366 things to be thankful for because as you know a whole lot of people never got to make it this far.

Count your blessings!

So what has the year 2016 taught me; let’s reflect…

  1. Don’t waste time

I’m young and by the grace of God I have a whole life ahead of me, but this is not to be taken for granted. I had this mentality that when I was older and settled (and blah blah blah) I would be more serious about my relationship with God but through this year I came to really understand what was wrong with this.

Who’s to say I would make it to adulthood?

Or to even see the next day?

Scripture tells us to be on guard! Christ can return at any moment, we can’t wait for a specific moment, it has to start ASAP.

  1. Don’t use others as the ‘standard’

A lot of the time I might find myself looking at others to determine whether what I’m doing is right.

This is likely to be someone I look up to, trust or someone I believe to be firm in their faith.

However, these people are not the standard. What the Bible sets out is the standard. I needed to compare my behaviour with what the Bible sets out as ideal.

It’s all well and good to go to someone you trust for advice but Christ is the centre of it all and His Word gives guidance so we shouldn’t rely solely on the advice of others. Take your instruction from Him.

  1. Not to let anyone disrupt my walk.

I had to understand and am still in the process of fully understanding that essentially I’m living for me and for Christ alone. No-one else. In Christ I have been made a new and some people may not understand or agree with the changes and choices I make because of this but that’s truly and honestly their own. I can’t allow their disapproval to stop me from eternal life. God doesn’t judge us on the actions of others or our ancestors; He will judge us on what we have done. So we have to stop living for them.

  1. What I want the most is probably hard to get

I’m in my last year of sixth form so anyone who has been through it will understand when I say UCAS is the bane of my existence. Out of all the universities I applied for, the two I actually wanted to go to were the hardest to actually get into and were the last to reply. In fact I’m still waiting on the last one (not a big deal though considering the deadline hasn’t even passed yet).

But it got me thinking, all the things I’ve ever really wanted have been the things I have had to work the hardest to get. Yeah, of course I could have chosen something easier but then it wouldn’t have been what I wanted. If you’re not willing to work hard to achieve what you desire who is going to  want to give it to you.

  1. Be cautious about what occupies my mind/time

The Bible warns us time and time again about idolatry and until this year I never really considered the fact that idolatry could be anything other than worshiping idols/other gods. To me it was something that was completely and totally intentional and not something I could possibly be affected by; I only serve one God. Newsflash! There are many other modern day forms of idolatry that we come into contact with every day. So it’s important for me to guard my mind.

Well, that’s it from me.

Bring on 2017!

Happy New Year!


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