I’m In The Army


We, as children of God are part of the body of Christ and Christ makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does what it should do, it helps the other parts grow so that the body is healthy.

Say one part of the body were to stop working or be idle, blood will stop flowing to it. That part of the body will fall off, it risks becoming detached. What good is a detached body part to the body?


In fact, the body suffers as a result; after all it is much easier to walk with two legs than just one. Or think about it this way, members of the body of Christ are like members of a family. When your family member is suffering won’t you feel that same suffering? When your family is rejoicing won’t you rejoice too?

If part of the body gets injured you must keep it in use (exercise it) to keep blood flowing through and receive full restoration.

If you learn one thing from this: Keep exercising your faith/ gift especially in stormy seasons otherwise you risk being amputated from the body!

How do we do this?

God has armed us for this, to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. Put on your armor!


(Ephesians 6:10-20)

Helmet = Salvation ~ Protects the most delicate part of the body, the head. Whenever you have a bad fall or accident (in spiritual terms) it is salvation that restores you.


Breastplate = Righteousness ~ If someone wanted to kill you they’d aim for the heart. Our God-given righteousness defects their efforts to bring us down, to destroy us. Since the opposite of righteousness is sinfulness and the wages of sin is death .

Belt = Truth ~ Uphold the truth and the truth shall uphold you. Like a belt holds up your trousers. If your trousers were to fall you would be embarrasbeltsed and would probably trip over. Uphold the truth and you shall remain upright.

Shield = Faith ~ Whenever weapons are being thrown our way we must use shieldour faith as our shield. The arrow should not be able to pierce through our shield, our faith.

Sword = Word of God ~ Use the Word not your words (or your fists) to fight your swordsandalsbattles. Remember Jesus in the desert. He used scriptures to overcome the temptations.(Also, we know from the story of Jesus is the desert that the devil also knows the scriptures, so it would be hard to fight if we do not know the Word.)

Shoes = Good News of Peace ~ As our feet roam all over the Earth so shall the Good News of Jesus Christ spread to every corner of the Earth. Where we walk there shall be peace.

Now I’ll leave you with one of my favourite sunday school songs from childhood.


I know it has been a while since I last posted, so for all those interested I wanted to outline my current posting schedule. At the moment, the plan is to post monthly; the last Saturday of every month. Saying this, if the Spirit leads me to share something I will do so.

If you would like to be notified when I share something follow this page or follow the blog via email.


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