Welcome to Christ’s Domain!

Why I started Christ’s Domain?

One Sunday, during praise and worship. I found my mind wondering, my lips were singing but my heart and mind wasn’t there. When I realised this I tried harder to concentrate but it just wasn’t happening.

It was then I realised that I had been feeling stagnant in my spiritual life. I was reading my Bible and praying everyday (you know like the song says). So I never really entertained the thought that I wasn’t growing.
The Word tells us that as we seek God we shall find him if we search for Him with all our heart (Jeremiah 29:13).picture1


I decided that I would find a day to spend with God but then my spirit started asking questions ‘What if you don’t wake up tomorrow?’ ‘Why look for another day when you have a perfectly available one right here?’ ‘Is that your spirit or your flesh talking?’ So I decided I would spend the rest of the day seeking God. I wanted answers.
To be quite honest I had no clue how I should go about seeking God. I listened to worship, once again my mind was elsewhere, read the word for you today; ironically it was about personal growth. Eventually, I turned on a sermon on spiritual growth, basically it told me to read the Bible.

Cut the long story short I didn’t know where to read so I found myself searching ‘Bible passages on spiritual growth’ (LOL) and came across James 2:14-26. Faith without good works is dead. I had to ask myself, where are my works? (And when you have to ask you know they’re clearly nowhere to be found.)
Honestly, I was like, God is really down with the times cause He really reached me via a search engine 😂. But I really felt like that was the answer I wasn’t necessarily doing anything in the faith. I feel like if you work in the faith every day, talk/share/express your faith you have no option but to grow in faith because you’d be feeling an excitement and a passion for it.

This blog is how I plan to talk/share/express my faith daily/weekly/monthly/yearly(that’s a stretch) but hey, whenever the Spirit leads me. I find no surprise that this is what’s come of it because about 2 months ago I wrote a note title ‘WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?’ <—- Legit like that. And under it I had written ‘blogging: bible study/sharing experiences/insight’ so I guess we’ll just see what comes of this.


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